by Violent Exit

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released May 21, 2016



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Violent Exit Texas


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Track Name: Translucent Brain
Set aside
Nothing left but hatred
No fucking entrance this is my exit
I can't feel
I can't breathe
i can't see
I can't breathe
Track Name: Lemming
It is clear
You can't fucking steer
My anger is geared towards your lack of judgment
You follow the herd
You're just an omega
You can't make decisions a mindless being
I can't take you in
There's no hope for you
No opinions
You're not genuine
Society's Puppet
Quit Fucking Lemming
Track Name: The Sad Clown
These blank stares
My life will soak
The sad Clown
That's my cloak
Voices won't stop
This is my plea
Save me
Track Name: Am I Here?
Walking between dimensions can't see
These mind altering drugs have caught up to me
I can't bear the weight of existing
My biggest enemy becomes reality
Can't fucking explain
Just nothings the same
I start to become the only person left to blame
What could I have possibly done
How much longer will it take until I turn towards a gun
God can't fucking save me I'm left in Hell
The devils hand has cast upon its spell
left full of judgement this world is fucking fixed
Leave me with my bones to be mixed in with the sticks
Track Name: Dead Man Walking
Hide behind your poetic lines
Giving me your bullshit lies
Just look inside
Selfish piece of travesty
I'll pave your path of agony
My self induced trauma
I feel sorry for your fucking peers
Your existence becomes so mere
Why are you so fucking anxious
Maybe I know why you're depressed